Heiltsuk Káxḷá Child and Family Services

"uplifting and honouring our children together"

Heiltsuk Kaxla Society is a non-profit child, youth, family and community organization that provides support services in Bella Bella, on the Central Coast of BC, home to the Haíɫzaqv. 


We will work and support children, families and other service organizations.  Heiltsuk Kaxla Society will ensure that children are safe, guided, uplifted and respected while being grounded in their culture with a strong sense of belonging and identity


Reinforcing strong healthy children and families through Heiltsuk traditional models and systems of care.

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About the Haíɫzaqv

"The Heiltsuk people are the descendants of the original Heiltsuk-speaking people, who inhabited approximately 6000 square miles of the Central Coast of what is now British Columbia. Archaeological sites dating as far back as 7190 B.C. have been unearthed, showing that the Heiltsuk have inhabited the area for at least 9000 years. The Heiltsuk, like many other Coastal First Nations situated around the area, were largely dependent on resources found within the ocean. They had well-developed methods of hunting, fishing, gathering, and trading."-Heiltsuk Cultural Education Center.

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