Family Support

We are here for you

Whether you just need a listening ear, some practical day-to-day help, or an unexpected crisis has come up, we are here. Our family support workers can walk beside you in helping you achieve your goals. Kaxla Society acknowledges the strength and resilience that parents and families hold, and provides services based on your needs and what you want for your family. Our support services at Kaxla are voluntary, meaning that you chose the type of support you receive and the length of time you would like it for.

Support Service Agreements

Support service agreements are voluntary and available upon request. Agreements are typically six months in length and can be renewed or cancelled at anytime. They consist of services offered by one of our family support workers can be, but are not limited to the following:

  • Services for Children and Youth

  • Counseling

  • In-home Support

  • Respite Care

  • Parenting Programs

  • Voluntary Care Agreements

  • Referrals for Community Services

Examples of services:

  • Writing support letters and advocating for your family needs

  • Budgeting and grocery shopping

  • Meeting in community for a walk

  • Support in planning a family meeting and mediation

  • Support with challenging child behaviour

Resource Agreements

Kaxla actively recruits resource people in the community to support with caring for children. Resource people may provide respite care for children and youth on a short-term, temporary basis. This may look like evenings, weekends, after-school care or longer-term care. Caregivers may be close friends or relatives of the child(ren) they care for or may be a caring and safe community member.

Reach out to our Family Support Team today if you are interested in talking about respite services for your family or becoming a care provider for sasum!

Other Support/Programs

For parents that are looking for help with challenging behaviours, parenting tips, support or just looking to meet others and share experiences, our family support workers offer groups, programs and one-one support. They can provide referrals and connections to the supports that your family may need. Contact us to inquire about specific options.