About Us

Heiltsuk Kaxla Society (HKS) was formed in 2011 and is currently under a C3 delegation level providing areas of service such as support services for families under voluntary agreements including temporary in-home and special needs agreements. The services and program coming from HKS are preventative services that incorporate Heiltsuk culture, traditions and values. They stem from HKS's mission statement:

"Working with and supporting children, families and other agencies. The agency will ensure that children are safe, uplifted and respected while being grounded in their culture with a strong sense of belonging"

HKS receives funding from the Ministry of Child & Family Development (MCFD) and Indigenous Services Canada. HKS activities, services and programs are also supported through partnerships and collaborations with other agencies and stakeholders in the community such as Hailika’as Heiltsuk Health Centre and Heiltsuk Gvi’las Restorative Justice. HKS continues to identify strategic opportunities in building and sustaining positive working relationships and partnerships for capacity building and developing high quality services with the ultimate goal of meeting all child and family service needs.


The HKS has a governance board consisting of four directors elected from the society's membership and one director appointed to sit on the society's board by the Heiltsuk Tribal Council.

Current Board Members:


Heiltsuk Hereditary Leadership and Matriarchs

Our Hereditary Leaders and Matriarchs give us strength, guidance and support us in upholding Gvi’ilas (traditional laws). Through strong community collaboration we support each other by staying connected regularly. 

Ministry of Children and Families

Heiltsuk Kaxla Society values our collaborative practice work and core funding with our MCFD partners and continues to strive to enhance our practice in ways that align with Heilstuk Gvi’ilas (traditional laws) and uphold our families and communities.

Indigenous Services Canada 

Heiltsuk Kaxla Society values the partnership with Indigenous Services Canada, who support the organization with core funding for prevention programs and services.